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xCloud: Next-Gen Hosting
Server Management Solution

Even with countless products and services available in the industry, setting up a cloud server, hosting a website, and later managing the deployed sites has never been simple – especially if you are managing multiple websites at a time. And that’s where the idea of a streamlined hosting and server management system that’s accessible to all came to form.

xCloud: Next-Gen WordPress Hosting &  Server Management Solution

After years of working hard to bring our vision live, xCloud simplifies cloud hosting and server management for WordPress, providing you with full control over your websites and redefining the way you host, build, and deploy websites!

xCloud: Next-Gen WordPress Hosting &  Server Management Solution

With this next-gen WordPress cloud hosting platform, no need for any coding expertise when it comes to server configuration and website management. So, bid farewell to manual setup as here at xCloud, we have got all your hosting and management needs covered with a hassle-free, lightening fast experience like never before.

Team xCloud

M Asif Rahman - Founder, xCloud | About Us Page

M Asif Rahman


Nazmul Hasan Rupok


Afshana Rahman Diya


Nasir Nobin


Shahjahan Jewel


AR Rana

Lead Engineer

Mishuk Adhikari

Lead Engineer

Bashar Bhuiyan

Senior Software Engineer (AI/ML)

Mohammad Shifat Hossain

Lead Support & Product Manager

Faisal Ibn Aziz

Senior Software Engineer

Md. Arifur Rahman

Senior Software Engineer

Nabil Ahmed Emon

Senior Product Designer

Sabbir Ahmed

UX/UI Designer

Abir Hasan Dipu

Technical Support Engineer

Tasnia Rahman Raima

Senior Content Marketing Executive

Md. Kawser Ahmed Khan Jami

Content Marketing Executive

Razthee Md. Yakini

Content Marketing Executive

Shariful Islam Shaikat

Senior Front-End Developer

Mozammel Ali Sapan

Front-End Developer

Esrat Sultana Popy

Front-End Developer

Kazi Sourav

Junior Front-End Developer

Abu Hurayra

Application Security Engineer