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David Risley

“When I moved a site over from Cloudways over to xCloud the control panel was radically faster and then I would click on something it felt like it just happened instantly”

Mario David McCan

“another kind of cool thing is that you can have a team associated with your account so that’s nice I think that’s a higher-tier feature”

Digital Marketing Tips – SaaS Space

“With just a few clicks, you will be able to install your WordPress site and manage all your servers & sites in just one dashboard”

Suburbia Press

“Migrate from any web host over to xCloud simply”

Mr Web

“Supercharge Website Management with xCloud”

Dave Swift

“xCloud – WP Hosting Panel Everyone Is Talking About”

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Leo Koo


I’m moving my servers to xCloud, a cloud control panel by M Asif Rahman and the WPDeveloper team.  Their roadmap looks interesting and no, there are no team mates nor API limits with xCloud!

#xCloud #wordpress #hosting

Brian Geovanny


xCloud works really well, I am surprised by its performance being this the release version, I have tried many paid platforms such as runcloud, cloudpages or serveravatar, as well as free platforms such as CyberPanel, CloudPanel or Hestia Control Panel and direct competitors such as SpinupWP and FlyWP. Of all those that I have tried, the platform that works best for WordPress is SpinupWP and I believe that xCloud can reach and surpass that development, its roadmap is promising.

Congratulations to the xCloud team, I hope they become the leading platform in the segment, it has all the potential to achieve it!

Rahil Maknojia


Dear xCloud Team,
I have been using xCloud for some time now and am genuinely impressed with its capabilities and the flexibility it offers by allowing users to bring their own VPS for management. It’s a fantastic service, and my experience so far has been very positive.

Successful migrated 5 sites on a single server. Xcloud migration tool worked great. There were few hiccups with security plugin like MalCare but disabling the plugin prior to migration worked just fine.

Tony Lewis


I’ve recently taken all of my Vultr-hosted sites and gotten rid of cPanel for them to substitute it with xCloud.

I have to say, I’m really impressed with xCloud so far! The interface is definitely the standout feature for me.

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