Exciting News: Shahjahan Jewel Joins xCloud as Partner

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Shahjahan Jewel, the Founder and CEO of WPManageNinja, is now part of the family, with him joining xCloud as partner. His role in this venture will not be limited to just an investor but also as a key member in deciding and contributing to xCloud’s growth and future.

Shahjahan Jewel joins xCloud as partner

Shahjahan Jewel is the brain behind WPManageNinja. He has led the company to become one of the fastest-growing and user-loved WordPress plugin developers in the market. Some of their notable plugins include Fluent Forms, FluentCRM, Ninja Tables, Fluent Support, and FluentSMTP; which are empowering over 750,000 businesses all over the world.

How do our visions align?

xCloud’s mission is to simplify WordPress hosting and server management for both seasoned users and newcomers. 

Even with all the products to simplify web-building on WordPress, there is still no smooth and straightforward solution to setting up a cloud server, hosting a website, and managing deployed sites. Especially for agencies handling numerous websites, a streamlined server management solution is lacking.

And that’s where xCloud comes in. It’s a cloud hosting and server management solution designed to simplify the way you host, deploy, and manage WordPress websites.

Shahjahan Jewel, with WPManageNinja, shares a similar mission. His speciality is identifying and addressing pain points for small and medium businesses and agencies, and to develop efficient, lightweight, and scalable products to fix them.

Shahjahan Jewel
Founder & CEO, WPManageNinja

In my journey from 2015 to the present day, our goal remains unchanged: stepping into the shoes of our users, identifying their pain points, working tirelessly to solve them, and helping small businesses bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Our Founder M Asif Rahman, is overjoyed with this partnership, and he has explained it this way – 

M Asif Rahman,
Founder, xCloud

Jewel is not only a dear friend, but I admire him and his team for their nature to solve complex problems in WordPress in a very elegant way. What they have built in WPManageNinja, especially FluentCRM, is a breakthrough in the WordPress ecosystem. They have a very unique approach to help marketers and agencies and lead them to more revenues. Where in xCloud, we are redefining Hosting with every possible modern Cloud tool and automation possible. Our core goals align so well, and when I started to get feedbacks from him, I found so much joy, as it feels like I found a mate who understands the passion behind this project, and has the similar energy. I am more than happy to welcome Jewel to the xCloud Family!

And when the visions aligned so perfectly, it was just a matter of time till we teamed up and welcomed Shahjahan Jewel to xCloud as partner.

In response to this partnership, our Co-founder, Nazmul Hasan Rupok, is brimming with enthusiasm, describing the collaboration with great optimism and excitement.

Nazmul Hasan Rupok

Co-founder, xCloud

WPDeveloper and WPManageNinja address distinct challenges within the WordPress ecosystem, collectively catering to millions of users through their exceptional tools. While the two companies may share similarities, their unique strengths and capabilities differentiate them. Collaborating would leverage this diversity, resolving a range of issues and positioning xCloud as an exceptional platform for users.

Reflecting on the new partnership, Co-founder, Afshana Diya, who has been involved in the project from its inception, is thrilled to share:

Afshana Rahman Diya

Co-founder, xCloud

I am incredibly excited to welcome Shahjahan Jewel to our dynamic team. xCloud is a dream project that we have been developing for more than two years now. Adding Jewel’s expertise to our team is like adding extra strength to our team. Together, we are committed to revolutionizing WordPress hosting and server management, aiming to set new standards and redefine what’s possible in our industry.

Co-founder Nobin is known for his deep technical expertise in server and hosting solutions, and he shares:

Nasir Nobin

Co-founder & CTO, xCloud

Welcoming a new mind like Shahjahan Jewel to our xCloud team reinforces our commitment to innovation. Together, we are excited to take WordPress hosting to the next level.

Joining xCloud as partner: What led to this involvement?

Our team has known Shahjahan Jewel as someone with a very intense sense of perfection and a rare ability to focus on the details. And we approached him last year to test out our solutions.

Since then, it’s been a very pleasant experience on both ends. Jewel tested out xCloud and moved almost all of his business domains to our hosting system.

Jewel loved it so much; to him, it was a dream hosting served on a platter for businesses:

“People often ask me to recommend a good hosting service. But I could never find one that can be recommended with 100% confidence. The affordable ones don’t have much to offer to run a business, and the reputed ones are too costly to afford for a small business or an agency managing multiple websites.

But in that sense, xCloud has been a blessing. If I got into the hosting business earlier, this is exactly what I would have built. As I am using it for my business websites without a hassle, I can finally recommend a good hosting service with confidence.”

That’s when the xCloud team decided to join hands with Shahjahan Jewel and expand the core team of xCloud as partners.

What to expect!

Backed by some of the most experienced developers and business leaders in WordPress, who are responsible for empowering millions of businesses every day, we are hopeful that only good things are ahead of us.

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